Sitecore SXA Search

When: Saturday 30th May, 2020 @ 12 noon IST Agenda Jitendra will present on Solr and SXA, starting from the underlying architecture and algorithms behind the Solr.He will explain the fundamental things like analyzers, tokenizers, filters and functionalities like synonyms, stop word, protected word, spell-checker and highlighter.  It would be a hands-on session to extend […]

Sitecore Symposium Highlights and 9.3 features

Sitecore Symposium Highlights and 9.3 features by Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula Agenda:Now that Symposium is completed, let’s discuss about all the the key announcements and how they are going to effect our future work. Also go over the new features for Sitecore 9.3 across XP and SXA with demos. Last but not least will have a […]

Sitecore Helix Recommendations and Conventions – Helix 2.0

Sitecore Helix Recommendations and Conventions – Helix 2.0 by Amit Kumar Agenda: This session will provide the overview of Sitecore Helix recommendation and conventions which will help you in Sitecore product implementations, Highlighting what’s new in Helix 2.0, See how to identify the candidate for Feature/Project/Foundation, Tools to support Sitecore Helix Introduction What’s new with […]

Getting Started with Sitecore on Docker

Getting Started with Sitecore on Docker by Sumit Upadhyay Agenda: This session will introduce Docker, comparison with Virtual Machines, running Docker in Windows and installing Sitecore in Docker containers Introduction to Docker Comparison to Virtual Machines Running Docker in Windows Running Sitecore in a Docker container Resources About the Speaker: Sumit Upadhyay is working as […]

Enhanced content editing for Sitecore using Avtor

Enhanced content editing for Sitecore using Avtor by Ramaraj Narayana & Praveena Manjappa Agenda Avtor is the newest addition to the Sitecore family. It’s designed to improve productivity and enhance usability for Sitecore content editors, and strategists. W2(What/When) of Avtor? Editing items in Avtor The Avtor editor, Editing fields, Switching languages, Missing fields. How to […]

GraphQL for Sitecore

GraphQL for Sitecore by Mohan Rangaswamaiah Agenda: Session would contain an Introduction of GraphQL, how to start with GraphQL with Sitecore as a beginner, what are the prerequisites, what to install and how to start quering Sitecore data using GraphQL API and integrate the data with an application. Also, we will see the pros and […]

Sitecore SXA integration with Isotope

When: Saturday, 16th November 2019 at 12 noon IST Agenda: Pradeep Shukla will be deep diving the Sitecore SXA capability and will be explaining how RTM can be reduced using Sitecore SXA. Pradeep will explain how can you quickly integrate Isotope with Sitecore SXA. About the Speaker: Pradeep Shukla is Sitecore Certified Architect, Digital […]

The Power of the Rendering Variants

When: Saturday, 12th October 2019 – 12pm to 1.30pm IST Rendering Variants are a frequently overlooked area of SXA. There are so many components in the SXA toolkit that it’s easy to miss this feature, but it holds immense power to bend the SXA components to achieve some of your more demanding layout requirements. It […]

Solr Cloud – To adventure or not

When: Saturday, 7th September 2019 at 12 noon IST Agenda: Introduction What is Searchstax Demo on how to setup Solr Cloud Searchstax What are the options and advantages on indexing Azure search Single Solr Solr master/slave Solr/Cloud Lessons learned from earlier implementations About the Speakers: Paul Dohmen – Paul is an experienced Sitecore Solution Architect […]