Sitecore Bundler

When: Saturday, 24th November 2018 at 12 noon IST Agenda: Demo of Sitecore module created by Rodrigo Peplau for bundling and minifying javascripts and css by configuring settings from Sitecore. Module Details – Introduction, Compatibility, Supported Tools etc. and marketplace / Github links details Features – Bundle / Minify / Reference Only Installation and Configuration […]

Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 – An Introduction

When: Saturday, 8th September – SUG Bangalore Meetup by Photon Interactive Agenda: This is session will focus on giving an overview of Sitecore Experience Commerce and dive deep into a practical implementation. Audience will gain good understanding of customizing the Commerce Engine and all the aspects involved in implementing an eCommerce project. Getting Familiar Sitecore […]

Sitecore 9 Solr Nuggets

When: Saturday, 8th September – SUG Bangalore Meetup by Photon Interactive Agenda: Sitecore 9 introduced quite a bit of features with respect to Solr. In this session, we will explore all those new features. What’s new for Solr in Sitecore 9 Highlight Search Results Group search Results Spell Checker Auto Suggest Spatial Search About the […]

Headless JSS

When: Saturday, 8th September – SUG Bangalore Meetup by Photon Interactive Agenda: This session will explain how to create a sample Sitecore JSS application. Also explains how headless CMS architecture works. How to create a basic JSS application in Sitecore Sitecore JSS Disconnected Mode Sitecore JSS Connected Mode Headless CMS Sitecore Layout Service Different coding […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages with Sitecore

When: Saturday, 7th July 2018 at 12 noon IST Agenda: What is AMP? (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Benefits AMP with Sitecore AMP Page Validation AMP challenges Demo/Use cases About the Speaker: Ankit Joshi is Sitcore MVP 2018 and Sitecore Certified Professional with 5+ years experience in Sitecore,with an overall 8+ years in .NET web development and […]

Sitecore on Azure PaaS

When: May 12th, 2018 Agenda: This webinar will be mainly around the real time experience of working with Sitecore Azure PaaS and the issues faced with tips to work around them. This would enable the developers to understand the features and advantages of Azure PaaS. Comparison of IaaS and PaaS for Sitecore Azure PaaS Setup […]

Let’s Talk Commerce

When: April 7th, 2018 Agenda: An overview of what an eCommerce project structure and cycle looks like. I will be also talking about some simple eCommerce terminology with an easy to understand comparison with a standard shop or mall. Commerce in general Brick n Mortar / eCommerce The Shopping Bag/Cart Discounts The process of purchasing […]