Development Approach for Sitecore + SXA Site

by Deepak Kumar and Nisheesh Kulshreshtha

Sitecore SXA is being used to speed up the development of websites using reusability and OOTB components. SXA also provides creative exchange features and themes to help FED team. But one of the challenge we as BED faced was working parallelly with FED. We are going to share our experience with SXA approach.


  • Why SXA
  • Some Development Approach
    • OOTB component, custom Views, custom SXA component
  • Development cycle
    • BED create a component
    • BED Exports page/site for FED
    • FED work on CSS/JS
    • BED imports it back to Sitecore
    • Component gets ready!!!
  • Challenges and our approach towards it
    • Source control on only required items
    • Import challenges
About the Speakers:

Deepak Kumar is Sitecore Certified Developer. He is currently working as Web Developer with Horizontal Integration, Bangalore. He has 4+ years of experience working on .net and Sitecore CMS.

Company: Horizontal Integration (Bangalore)

Nisheesh Kulshreshtha is a results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical developer, with 9+ years of experience in .Net Technology having 5+ years of experience in Sitecore. He is curious and enjoys work that challenges him to learn something new and stretch in a different direction.

Company : Horizontal Integration (Vadodara)
Designation: Senior Developer