Enhanced content editing for Sitecore using Avtor

Enhanced content editing for Sitecore using Avtor by Ramaraj Narayana & Praveena Manjappa

Avtor is the newest addition to the Sitecore family. It’s designed to improve productivity and enhance usability for Sitecore content editors, and strategists.

  • W2(What/When) of Avtor?
  • Editing items in Avtor
    • The Avtor editor, Editing fields, Switching languages, Missing fields.
    • How to edit more complex fields in Avtor?
  • Key features in Avtor
    • Field sets in Avtor
      • Creating a field set, Editing a field set, Selecting an existing field set, Copying & removing a field set.
    • Importing and Exporting items
    • Searching for items
    • Item Buckets
    • Workflows
    • Special features like Character counts, Gutters, Right-click menus, Item links and check in on save.
  • License Manager
  • Demo

About the Speakers:

Ramaraj Narayana, Senior Sitecore developer, Indegene Pvt Ltd with 7+ years of IT Industry experience, and 4 years in Sitecore Development. He is a Sitecore 9.1 certified developer

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramaraj-n-2319a429

Praveena Manjappa is a Senior Sitecore developer, Indegene Pvt Ltd and has 7+ Years of experience in .NET development, with 4 years in Sitecore development. He us a Certified Sitecore developer with 9.1 version

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/praveen-m-5a4bb358
My blog: https://sitecorestuffs.wordpress.com