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Sitecore Experience Platform - Part 1

Saturday, October 15, 2016 by  Anitha Harry 1h22m


Come join us for a session on Sitecore Experience Platform! 
Anitha Harry from Epsilon will take us over the following topics during this session: 

  • Analytics
    • How Analytics works in Sitecore 8.2
    • MongoDB and SQL
    • Installation of Mongo DB, set up of Analytics
    • Demo of flow of data from Mongo DB to SQL
  • WFFM (Web form for marketers)
    • Importance of Web form for Marketers
    • Configuring WFFM
    • Creating forms (Default and Custom forms)
    • Flow of data from Mongo DB to SQL
    • WFFM Reports
  • EXM (Email experience manager)
    • Demo for EXM
    • Configuration of EXM 

About Speaker

Anitha Harry

Anitha Harry has 6+ years of experience in implementing solutions for various clients across multiple domains. Anitha has been working in .net based CMS systems that include Crownpeak , Sitecore. 

Currently Anitha works as a senior developer at Epsilon with the Sitecore practice.

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