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Meetups Indegene Meetup - May 2017

Sitecore Goals - Why, What & How

Saturday, May 27, 2017 by  Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula 41m

Goals are very important to experience marketing, in this session, let's explore about what is a goal, how can we configure them, as a developer how can we attach a goal to particular activity, and how to trigger a goal from code. 

  • What is Engagement Value
  • What is Goal, and Goal categories
  • How to configure and trigger them

About Speaker

Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula

Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula has around 9 years of experience in .NET web development, mainly on Sitecore for 4 years. At present working as a Senior Developer at AKQA Auckland, NZ and also three time Sitecore Technology MVP (2018-2020).

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