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Meetups Sapient Meetup - March 2018

Overview of Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Saturday, March 24, 2018 by  Pratik Satikunvar 1h3m

I will be presenting on SXA in action and i believes SXA is just not a toolbox. SXA is a complete package of design, structure, data and all these with Helix principles. I am going to talk about what all comes in boundary of SXA. How development can be accelerated in real world.

  • Basics of SXA
  • Installation
  • Terminologies
  • Difference between Component Based Architecture & SXA
  • Rendering Variants
  • Custom Component Example
  • Demo

About Speaker

Pratik Satikunvar

Pratik has 7 years of web development experience in different Microsoft platforms starting from DNN, Webforms, MVC, Umbraco, and finally Sitecore for around 4 years. He is an active contributor to the Sitecore community.

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