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Mindtree Meetup (Aug 2019)

Saturday, August 10, 2019
#150, EPIP 2nd phase,
KIADB Export Promotion Industrial Area, Whitefield,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

10:30 hrs - 11:15 hrs Sitecore JSS in Action
11:15 hrs - 11:30 hrs Break
11:30 hrs - 12:30 hrs I "Sitecore", You "Commerce", Let’s Connect
12:30 hrs - 13:00 hrs Networking Time
13:00 hrs - 13:45 hrs Lunch
13:45 hrs - 14:30 hrs Powering up with Sitecore Powershell
14:30 hrs - 15:30 hrs Development Approach for Sitecore + SXA Site
15:30 hrs - 15:45 hrs Break
15:45 hrs - 16:30 hrs Blue Green deployment with Sitecore

Sitecore JSS in Action

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Sitecore JSS
  • Sitecore JSS Application Mode
  • What is GraphQL (GQL)
  • Sitecore JSS + GraphQL (GQL)
  • Demo
  • Q & A

About Speaker

Amit Kumar

Amit is a Solution Architect with 18+ years of experience in solution design, development and management using Agile methodologies. He is a Sitecore® Certified Professional Developer, Microsoft SharePoint Certified Professional and Sitecore Technology MVP 2019-2023

I "Sitecore", You "Commerce", Let’s Connect

Sitecore being an Enterprise Segment CMS for years now has being making to the top Gartner quadrant. Sitecore Commerce an another feather added to Sitecore Goodies is built to talk, work and share a user e-commerce journey alongwith a business trying to have their presence online in the e-commerce market. Learning how the anatomy of sitecore XC is laid out so that it effectively communicates with Sitecore.

  • Details on Sitecore Commerce Roles & Anatomy of Sitecore Commerce (certificates, IIS sites, configuration files, indexes)
  • How communication works between sitecore & commerce
    • Sitecore Commerce Connect
    • Sitecore Commerce Engine Connect
    • Shops and Ops Proxies
    • Storefront site

About Speaker

Brijesh Patel

An agile and boisterous developer proud to be ASP.NETian and SITECOREist, with 14+ years of experience in Information Technology. Sitecore MVP since 2014, having 10+ years of work experience in sitecore and a sitecore commerce expert as well. Likes to stumble upon technical challenges and believes that these challenges keeps the developer within to constantly strive and learn new technologies. Strong believer in sharing knowledge and do not like to keep things confined, so blogs frequently at and

Powering up with Sitecore Powershell

Tags Powershell
  • What is Sitecore Powershell Extensions (Spe)?
  • Sitecore Powershell Extensions Versions
  • How to Access Spe From Sitecore?
  • Spe General Use Cases
  • Ways of Writing Spe Scripts
  • Crud Operations With Spe
  • Creating Your Own Modules

About Speaker

Sumit Upadhyay

Sumit Upadhyay is working as a Technical Lead at AIEnterprise with over 7 years of industry experience. 
A Sitecore 9.1 certified developer, he has been working in Sitecore Projects for over 4 years.

Development Approach for Sitecore + SXA Site

Sitecore SXA is  being used to speed up the development of websites using reusability and OOTB components.  SXA also provides creative exchange features and themes to help FED team. But one of the challenge we as BED faced was working parallelly with FED. We are going to share our experience with SXA approach.  

  • Why SXA
  • Some Development Approach
    • OOTB component, custom Views, custom SXA component
  • Development cycle
    • BED create a component
    • BED Exports page/site for FED
    • FED work on CSS/JS
    • BED imports it back to Sitecore
    • Component gets ready!!!
  • Challenges and our approach towards it
    • Source control on only required items
    • Import challenges

About Speakers

Nisheesh Kulshreshtha

A results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical developer, with 9+ years of experience in .Net Technology having 5+ years of experience in Sitecore.

He is curious and enjoy work that challenges him to learn something new and stretch in a different direction.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak is Sitecore, OrderCloud-certified Developer currently working as Associate Solution Architect at Horizontal Pvt Ltd. He is an IT professional with 8 years of experience in .Net web development.

Blue Green deployment with Sitecore

  • Introduction
  • Why do we need Blue Green deployment model
  • Overview of Deployment Model
  • Logical View
  • Walkthrough of entire Process

About Speaker

Amit Goel

Program Architect at Mindtree with 15+ years of experience in solution design, development and management using Agile methodologies.

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