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Head's up Front-end Developers for Sitecore

Saturday, May 15, 2021 by  Anindita Bhattacharya 33m


While working on Sitecore sites, there are certain considerations that need to be made by the front-end team while authoring the HTML.
While Sitecore does not impose any restrictions on the HTML, there are certain best practices – which when followed, will make the integration of back-end components with the HTML much smoother and would enable the back-end Sitecore developers to follow best standards as well, seamlessly.

During this session, we will go into front end relevant information with regard to the following:

  • HTML Page layouts
  • Modular Components
  • Identify reused components
  • Address Design Inconsistencies
  • Page specific markup - a No No!
  • Sitecore fields - Links, Images & Rich Text
  • Experience Editor
  • API integration/jQuery work
  • Sitecore Forms

About Speaker

Anindita Bhattacharya

Anindita works as a freelance Sitecore Consultant and is a 7 time Sitecore MVP.

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