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Sitecore and SearchStudio integration

Saturday, April 2, 2022 by  Maulik Darji 46m


One of the most critical features for the website is "Search". And search implementation is one of the most time-consuming tasks as well. Developers have spent many many hours setting up the search. What if this is less than a day's task?

Maulik Darji is going to showcase the SearchStudio integration with Sitecore. How easy it is to configure the search using the new SearchStudio from SearchStax.

This is a developer-friendly session.

  • Introduction of SearchStax and SearchStudio
  • Step by step guide from registration to module download to integration to indexing to search page Customization of Indexes

About Speaker

Maulik Darji

Maulik Darji is a Sitecore MVP 2022. He is working as technical Architect - Sitecore at Altudo. He is the co-organizer of SUGColumbus. He has been working on Sitecore technology for more than 12 years. He has worked on JSS, SXA, XDB, Sitecore Commerce & recently worked on Solr implementations.

Sitecore and SearchStudio integration

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