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Web Harvester for Sitecore

Saturday, April 23, 2022 by  Subramanian Ramanathan 40m


Content Migration has been one of the key problems for organizations to solve when migrating to Sitecore or to Sitecore Headless Architectures for adapting to the most sought-after Composable DXP strategy. This introduces the need for a technology-agnostic content migration tool that allows seamless migration of content from any platform into Sitecore irrespective of where the content resides.‘Web Harvester for Sitecore’ is a Chrome Extension that enables content administrators/developers to harvest and import any website’s content into Sitecore. This Chrome Extension eliminates the need for building unique platform-specific solutions for Sitecore content migrations by providing a tech-agnostic solution that improves productivity, efficiency & accuracy.

    • Background & Purpose
    • Capabilities
    • Demo
      • Installation & Configuration
      • Functionalities
    • Technical Design & Flow
    • Considerations
    • Q & A

About Speaker

Subramanian Ramanathan

Skilled in Architecture Design, Project Innovation & Delivery, Subbu has delivered 20+ end-to-end complex multi-geography implementations for Enterprise Clients with Sitecore, Sitefinity, Azure, AWS, DevOps, Selenium, RPA, etc. With a strong commitment to customer success, Subbu has ensured the right solutions for the client's digital challenges leveraging Human-centric Design Thinking principles. He has also been recognized as a Sitecore Technology MVP.

Web Harvester for Sitecore

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