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Extend Analytics Reporting with Sitecore xDB Data

Friday, September 2, 2022 by  Amit Kumar 36m


Ways to extend your Sitecore Reporting need with the available offerings from Sitecore Experience Platform. With effective reporting you can empower anyone in the organization to get the insight of your website content so that required stakeholders can take decisions to create more interactive website content to go grow the business and a user’s footprint on the website.

The Session will help the audience to understand what is Sitecore xDB, Sitecore xConnect and how data captured by Sitecore xConnect can be used to create extended analytics Reporting Views for Business User’s with the help of External Integrations.

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Sitecore xDB/xConnect
  • Sitecore xDB Data Storage
  • Ways to access Sitecore xDB Data
  • Overview of Power BI Integration

About Speaker

Amit Kumar

Amit is a Solution Architect with 18+ years of experience in solution design, development and management using Agile methodologies. He is a Sitecore® Certified Professional Developer, Microsoft SharePoint Certified Professional and Sitecore Technology MVP 2019-2023

Extend Analytics Reporting with Sitecore xDB Data

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