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Sitecore's headless CMS: Content Hub One

Friday, February 17, 2023 by  Ishraq Fataftah 45m


What is Content Hub One
  • What is content modeling and architecture
  • How authors will interact with the system
  • How developers help with publishing and maintaining the CMS

About Speaker

Ishraq Fataftah

Ishraq Al Fataftah (@ifataftah) is the CTO at Applez Tech, a digital customer experience agency based in Amman, Jordan. Ishraq has played the roles of digital consultant, technology evangelist, solution architect and technical director during her 15 years in the industry. She has been the first named female MVP from the MENA region and is very proud to be named one for 7 straight years.

Sitecore's headless CMS: Content Hub One

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