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Connect without Connect

Sunday, March 10, 2024 by  Arvind Gehlot 35m


The session would be focusing on how Sitecore XM Cloud internal content and data can be ingested to Sitecore Search, What are the options and how this can be achieved in correct way.


  • Why we are here today?
  • The use case
  • The problem statement
  • How XM Cloud works
  • How Search crawler works
  • About Sitecore Connect
  • Edge GraphQL & Webhook
  • How the solution look like
  • Question and Answers

About Speaker

Arvind Gehlot

Arvind Gehlot is a Sitecore MVP and passionate about technologies. He has more than 16 years of IT experience and 7 plus yrs on Sitecore. He has been working with Horizontal as a Sr. Technology Lead for over 3 years now. He is constantly monitoring Sitecore pathways and recent acquisitions and tries to explore these platforms.

Connect without Connect

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