GraphQL for Sitecore

GraphQL for Sitecore by Mohan Rangaswamaiah

Session would contain an Introduction of GraphQL, how to start with GraphQL with Sitecore as a beginner, what are the prerequisites, what to install and how to start quering Sitecore data using GraphQL API and integrate the data with an application. Also, we will see the pros and cons of GraphQL followed by a Q&A.

  • Introduction
  • What is GraphQL and When to use GraphQL
  • Sitecore GraphQL API
  • Prerequisites
  • Configure and Test GraphQL Endpoint
  • Querying the API
  • Pros and Cons of GraphQL
About the Speaker:

Mohankumar Rangaswamaiah with 12+ years of IT industry experience and 6+ years of Sitecore experience working for Mindtree as a Technical Architect.