Sitecore on Azure PaaS

When: May 12th, 2018


This webinar will be mainly around the real time experience of working with Sitecore Azure PaaS and the issues faced with tips to work around them. This would enable the developers to understand the features and advantages of Azure PaaS.

  • Comparison of IaaS and PaaS for Sitecore
  • Azure PaaS Setup Overview
  • Auto Scale Options
  • Redis Cache
  • Azure Search
  • Application Insight
  • Azure Web App Debugging Options
  • Online Editing Options

About the Speaker:

Shabeer is a Sitecore XP 8.0 Certified Developer with 3+ years of experience in Sitecore Development. He has worked on projects using Sitecore 7.2 -9 and experience of working in Azure PaaS, Insight Commerce and Salesforce Connector.