Sitecore SXA Search

When: Saturday 30th May, 2020 @ 12 noon IST Agenda Jitendra will present on Solr and SXA, starting from the underlying architecture and algorithms behind the Solr.He will explain the fundamental things like analyzers, tokenizers, filters and functionalities like synonyms, stop word, protected word, spell-checker and highlighter.  It would be a hands-on session to extend […]

Sitecore SXA integration with Isotope

When: Saturday, 16th November 2019 at 12 noon IST Agenda: Pradeep Shukla will be deep diving the Sitecore SXA capability and will be explaining how RTM can be reduced using Sitecore SXA. Pradeep will explain how can you quickly integrate Isotope with Sitecore SXA. About the Speaker: Pradeep Shukla is Sitecore Certified Architect, Digital […]

Development Approach for Sitecore + SXA Site

by Deepak Kumar and Nisheesh Kulshreshtha Sitecore SXA is being used to speed up the development of websites using reusability and OOTB components. SXA also provides creative exchange features and themes to help FED team. But one of the challenge we as BED faced was working parallelly with FED. We are going to share our […]