Front End Coding for Sitecore Sites

When: May 30th, 2015


In this session, we will talk about best practices to write Front End code for CMS’s and particularly Sitecore.
Our main focus will be modularity in HTML, CSS and JS. We will also discuss the processes we follow at Verndale and talk about our automation toolkit. (We use Grunt). This will lay a groundwork to some of the features we might discuss in a future meetup about Responsive Images, Page Editor support for sitecore, Consuming services, etc.

About the Speaker:

Being in the Front End Field for 8 years now, Husain Abbasi is on top of the latest technologies and practices for writing efficient, performant and maintainable code. He always looks out for the best possible way to tackle a problem. When he is not coding, he loves to read, game and stay on top of the latest trends in technology.