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Sitecore SXA integration with Isotope

Saturday, November 16, 2019 by  Pradeep Shukla 54m


Pradeep Shukla will be deep diving the Sitecore SXA capability and will be explaining how RTM can be reduced using Sitecore SXA.
Pradeep will explain how can you quickly integrate Isotope with Sitecore SXA.

About Speaker

Pradeep Shukla

Pradeep Shukla is Sitecore Certified Architect, Digital Marketing specialist; As a Director of Technology, he is facilitating the digital marketing strategy for top-notch clients of Dubai across sector such as holding, destination, retails, malls. Pradeep enables the community to learn Sitecore via his blog.

Pradeep Shukla is a co-founder for Sitecore User Group UAE (Dubai) 

Sitecore SXA integration with Isotope Sitecore SXA integration with Isotope

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