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A migration journey to Content Hub PCM

Saturday, June 18, 2022 by  Mohammed Syam 38m


In this presentation we will have a quick overview of the main functionalities we have under Sitecore Content Hub (CH) Product Content Management (PCM) module, like catalog, categories and products, we will go through the migration process, migration of products meta data, products images and the linkage process, we also going through some integration approaches with external systems.

  • Preparation
    • Catalogs, Categories, Products.
    • Multi-lingual content
    • Multi-lingual assets.
    • Language Selector
  • Migration
    • Products Images
    • Products Items
    • Linking
  • Integration
    • Approach Overview [utilizing internal integration components]

About Speaker

Mohammed Syam

Mohammed is a Sitecore enthusiast, 7 times Sitecore MVP, Coveo MVP, has 14+ years of web development experience, has BSc and MSc in computer science, and working as a Solution Architect at

A migration journey to Content Hub PCM

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