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Meetups Merkle Meetup - September 2023

Hands on with Sitecore Headless Services

Saturday, September 9, 2023 by  Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula 1m
In this session, we will have a look at how to set up a project for JSS, build a page with one or two components. This will be a workshop, if you want to follow along, please carry your laptop or you can listen to the session as well. Please watch my previous on Introduction to Headless Services here. It gives you bit of an idea about the concepts.

About Speaker

Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula

Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula has around 12 years of experience in .NET web development, mainly on Sitecore for 7 years. At present working as a Technical Lead at Aceik, Melbourne, Australia and also six time Sitecore Technology MVP (2018-2023).

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