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MVC to XMCloud: A Tale of Migration

Saturday, September 9, 2023 by  Debtanu Biswas, Varalakshmi MD 44m

The cloud-based architecture of Sitecore XM Cloud enhances scalability and performance, ensuring seamless user experiences even during traffic spikes. It leverages the power of cloud resources, optimizing infrastructure costs and management. Migrating from Sitecore MVC to Sitecore XM (Experience Manager) Cloud requires careful planning and execution.

Here's a high-level overview of the steps involved in the migration process:

  1. Environment Setup: Set up a Sitecore XM Cloud environment
  2. Codebase Adaptation: Review and update your Sitecore MVC codebase to align with Sitecore XM Cloud's architecture and guidelines. - Replace or refactor custom components to leverage cloud-native features and best practices. - Update configuration files and settings to suit the new environment.
  3. Content Migration: Export content from your Sitecore MVC instance and import it into the Sitecore XM Cloud environment. - Ensure data integrity and accuracy during the migration process. - Test content rendering and validation to ensure consistency in the new environment.

The migration process may vary based on your specific project requirements and the intricacies of your Sitecore MVC implementation. Thorough planning, testing, and collaboration with experienced Sitecore and cloud experts are essential for a successful migration.

About Speakers

Debtanu Biswas

Associate technology lead at Horizontal with 9 years of experience in Sitecore.

Varalakshmi MD

Web Developer at Horizontal with 4 years of experience.

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